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Make Rest A Destination

Do you know how important it is to rest in the first few weeks after delivery? Cultures around the world practice some form of rest for the postpartum mom, in recognition of the impact of pregnancy and birth, and the toll on the body of recalibrating after the delivery.

American moms also have a 6-8 week recovery period, understood as such because she is instructed to see her doctor six weeks after delivery. However, there is no prescription for care between the delivery date and that six week postpartum doctor visit. She is left to her own devices--and oftentimes, that pull to jump right back into her normal routine of household chores. Heaven help her if she must return to work within two weeks (yes that is a thing)! All of this sounds insane when one considers the trauma her body has just experienced. But interestingly, she might find what I am about to say even crazier. Moms should do nothing during the first two weeks (at the very least), after giving birth. No errands. Mom should rest--some say 'in the bed', 'on the bed', and 'around the bed' for six weeks. In other words, stay in the bedroom where she will feel less stressed to address the mess.

In other cultures around the globe there is built in support for mom's self care. In America it is less so, for reasons spanning limited maternity leaves to nonexistent support systems. Preparation and finding your tribe is the key. Postpartum doulas can help. At E*Powered Doulas we ease you confidently into your new role, but always center your care as the basis and foundation of a strong baby bond, and healthy start to your motherhood journey.

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"Moms should do nothing during the first two weeks (at the very least), after giving birth." I did not know this!

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